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Christina Cowan has a passion for art that was discovered through the lens of her first Polaroid camera.  As a child she was known to not go anywhere without her slapstick bracelets and a Polaroid camera around her neck. Growing up in Northern California, she photographed her friends and family at the beach, in the mountains, on her family farm, and anywhere else in between.  After receiving her Bachelor degree in photography she traveled the world and apprenticed under talented women photographers (Vanessa Warren UK, Linnea Lenkus USA)

Her Inspiration for her current artwork has been inspired by her love for children.  Being very child-like herself she found her niche in photographing children.  “Photographing children allows me to go back in time and remember what it was like to not have a care in the world.  To smile for actual pure happiness, to cry for no reason at all… if only adult life could be so simple.”  She strives to capture every moment that will allow that child too look back upon and remember fondly as she does her own childhood.  Also, since family is so important to her she strives to create the best image that a family will treasure for generations to come.  Whether it is wedding photography that is showing the beginning of a new family, or a family portrait capturing generations, Christina loves photographing every family she meets in a way that reminds her of her own.

Her studio exists where you exist.  As a family it is hard enough to schedule time to eat and sleep.  Christina believes that your time is valuable and is willing to come to you.  On-location or at-home the studio is available to your family at times that are flexible with you.  Traveling longer distances for the right location is not an obstacle.  Christina is pleased to travel with no extra charges to the places that you hope to create into memories. Please contact for rates and available times that work best for you.

Would much rather be behind the camera…

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